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Selected projects 2013-present

Current Projects,



  • Co-edited book (2019 -2021): Teaching Marketing (with Professor Ross Brennan) (In print Sept 2021)

  • Research leader (2020 – 2022):  $300,000 NSERC funded project - Transcultural Communication (3 year - 2020 - 2022) SAIT, Calgary

  • 4* Research article 2020 Vos, L., & Page, S. (2019). Marketization, performative environments and the impact of organisational climate on teaching practice in Business Schools.  Academy of Management, Learning and Education 19(1): 59-80.

  • Research/Monograph (2018-19): TEF: What makes gold? Literature review on key themes in HE and how 23 Gold awarded TEF universities (2017-18) are addressing them with recommendations

  • Research grant project (2018-current): Critical thinking skill development for undergraduate business students (using two proprietary measurement scales from Insight Assessment California with final year students).

  • Research project:( 2016-2019): Differences in epistemological beliefs between students, lecturers and marketing professionals and what this means for teaching, learning and the academic-practitioner divide.

  • Cross-disciplinary Grand Challenges Project (2018-2019) :  developed a University wide project for first year students to engage in a week long cross-disciplinary team project to provide solutions to global problems

  • Chair of Education, Academy of Marketing (2014-2019): developed research capacity in teaching and learning in Marketing across the UK + with international members (team of 5).

  • Research project and conference presentation (2016- 2019): Tools and approaches to integrating learning across the undergrad curriculum.

  • Research project and conference presentation (2018): Adding complexity and challenge to the curriculum to enhance student learning and engagement.

  • Research project and conference presentation (2017): Authentic assessment principles and how to implement

  • Research project and 2 publications (2017-2018): Factors affecting student success with postgraduate dissertations.

  • Research project and 3 publications (2013-2015): How simulation games enhance students numercy skills (editors top article, Journal of Marketing, 2013); Simulation games – how educators assess their students and key issues in using simulations.

  • Research project and publication (2013): Making postgraduate marketing programmes more cross-disciplinary.

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